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No Average 9-5 Job

It doesn’t happen in a cubicle, but in real life, and you’re in total control of it. We make sure that every sales rep has the chance to win big, compete for a chance to win hundreds of prizes.

Mutual Growth

At Go Sales, we learn together, work together, travel together, and are 100% committed to mutual growth and success. When you start on the team, you can access our roles span sales, personal development, and client relations.

World Class Brands

As a member of our Go Sales team, you’ll introduce potential customers to a industry-leading brand and telecommunications, health, and security technologies that everybody uses or needs.

Rewarding Career

More than a job, it’s a career, a lifestyle. Every day, you’ll enrich lives, and you’ll win new business. Every day, you’ll create a career and a life that you love.

We could pretend that this job is right for everyone, but we know that it’s not. It could be for you if you’re not interested in being told how much you can make as a salary.


It could be right for you if you want to decide when and where you will work. It could change your life if you’re ready to bring your energy, honesty, focus, and courage to work every day and prove to yourself what you can accomplish.


And if you do decide this is for you, we’ll be here to provide guidance and cheer you on throughout your journey.


Although door-to-door sales can be a tough profession, we happen to think it’s also the most rewarding.

Once you’ve mastered the art and science of sales, you have developed a powerful set of skills that will help in all areas of life, not just your career.

Get ready to evolve. Joining Go Sales is a transformational experience that will change you in ways you never expected. You’ll learn continuously through coaching, mentorships, and guided, real-world experiences as you develop into your new career.

It starts with a training program that sets you up for success with the latest practices, theories, and sales approaches. You’ll learn from the industry’s foremost sales, marketing, and motivational trainers, and it’s up to you what you do with the skills, knowledge, and confidence you gain from the program.



Can a career be more than just a job? Can it transform someone from the inside out and impact their life extraordinarily? We sure think so.


Imagine a workplace that’s never the same thing twice. New opportunities to train and grow. New places to travel. New people to meet. Go Sales Representatives travel to locations across Canada, introducing people to new fibre-optic technologies that are reaching their communities for the very first time. It’s fast-paced, high-energy, challenging work, but it also has the potential to be the most professionally and financially rewarding experience of your career.


Not into the idea of staring at the same four walls day after day? If you like to travel, love meeting new people and exploring new places, this could be the perfect career for you. Our salespeople get to travel all over Canada and earn a lot of money while they do it. Though things have changed a little with the global pandemic, there’s still always something new to see, learn, explore, and experience as you build your career with Go Sales.


If the support and motivation of a team setting is important to you, you’ll appreciate Go Sales’ team-focused approach to sales and client relations. Each of our salespeople is assigned to a small team that learns, works, plays, travels, and lives together. During work hours, we coordinate our efforts to create mutual success. After work, we kick back and relax together. You’ll forge friendships that last a lifetime, and build connections that will enrich your career for years to come.

Our Stories

We come from different walks of life. Different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. But in some important ways, we are the same. We share a belief in our potential and a desire to succeed. We believe in taking chances. Trying harder. Testing our limits. And seeing how far we can go with the right training, mentorship, and team support.


At Go Sales, we invest in your potential by providing you with continual training and access to some of North America’s greatest sales experts. This is boot camp for your career, an experience that takes you out of your comfort zone, builds your confidence, enhances your emotional intelligence, and gives you the advanced sales, client-relations, and presentation skills that are essential to success.


    Go Sales training happens in the (virtual) classroom and in the real world, with practical, results-focused, on-the-job coaching and mentoring led by the industry’s foremost trainers. In addition to classroom learning, you’ll be given the opportunity to put the theory into practice and receive one-on-one performance feedback that helps you build confidence, perfect your craft, and improve performance.


    You’ll develop competencies in topics such as leadership, communication, in-field client relations, and the art of selling technical products to a consumer audience. The knowledge you acquire will help you to become a well-rounded, experienced, and respected professional in the high-demand field of telecommunications and home security sales.


    As your career progresses, you’ll continue to learn, advance, and grow with one-on-one personal coaching and self-paced, online training modules that explore a variety of enrichment areas.

"During my 3 years in the world of door-to-door sales, I learned the importance of mastering sales and negotiation skills, learned valuable leadership skills that enabled me to lead high performing sales teams all across BC and Alberta."

"I no longer had a fear of failure or rejection, just a hunger to succeed and take this new opportunity to the moon."

“Since working at Go Sales, not only have I grown as a sales representative, as a worker, but also as a friend and a person. Not only is the pay better than I could’ve ever asked for, but I’ve also been introduced to the most incredible group of people with who I even spend my off days.“

"After a rough school year, I applied for a door-to-door job hoping to get back on my feet mentally and make some money at the same time. It was rough at first, but my whole mentality has changed since coming here was huge; I gained confidence, sales skills, and just talking skills, all while making money. A super positive experience here at go sales."

"I've been working for Go Sales since May, and it has been a great summer experience! The leadership is easygoing and wants you to succeed. The income potential is uncapped, and the possibility exists of making thousands in a single month. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to advance in sales."

“Before Go Sales, I've worked many sales jobs, including door-to-door sales. I have never worked for a company where there's a lot of positive energy that treats their employees with this level of respect and care! I absolutely love this job, and the products are easy to sell! It's honestly made me a better person. It's hard work and requires dedication, but it truly pays off in the end!”

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